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Copiapoa (Cactus)

Copiapoa calderana Copiapoa calderana
Starting from 12.00€
Copiapoa coquimbana Copiapoa coquimbana
Starting from 10.00€
Copiapoa cupreata Copiapoa cupreata
Starting from 90.00€
Copiapoa dealbata Copiapoa dealbata
Starting from 90.00€
Copiapoa desertorum Copiapoa desertorum
Starting from 18.00€
Copiapoa echinoides Copiapoa echinoides
Starting from 64.00€
Copiapoa eremophila 2R 0129 Copiapoa eremophila 2R 0129
Starting from 120.00€
Copiapoa esmeraldana Copiapoa esmeraldana
Starting from 18.00€
Copiapoa grandiflora Copiapoa grandiflora
Starting from 20.00€
Copiapoa haseltoniana Copiapoa haseltoniana
Starting from 90.00€
Copiapoa humilis Copiapoa humilis
Starting from 6.00€
Copiapoa humilis f. crested Copiapoa humilis f. crested
Starting from 65.00€
Copiapoa hybrid Copiapoa hybrid
Starting from 4.00€
Copiapoa hypogaea cv. Lizard Skin Copiapoa hypogaea cv. Lizard Skin
Starting from 32.00€
Copiapoa krainziana var. scopulina Copiapoa krainziana var. scopulina
Starting from 90.00€
Copiapoa lembeckei Copiapoa lembeckei
Starting from 45.00€
Copiapoa maritima Copiapoa maritima
Starting from 28.00€
Copiapoa megarhiza subs. echinata Copiapoa megarhiza subs. echinata
Starting from 8.00€
Copiapoa militaris Copiapoa militaris
Starting from 50.00€
Copiapoa mollicula Copiapoa mollicula
Starting from 48.00€
Copiapoa paposoensis Copiapoa paposoensis
Starting from 38.00€
Copiapoa pseudocoquimbana KK 1390 Copiapoa pseudocoquimbana KK 1390
Starting from 35.00€
Copiapoa streptocaulon Copiapoa streptocaulon
Starting from 24.00€
Copiapoa tocopillana LAU 806 Copiapoa tocopillana LAU 806
Starting from 28.00€

Its name derives from the city of Copiapò, in the Atacama area, where this genus developed. These are, in fact, cacti that can be found only in Chile, as long as they require arid conditions that are difficult to reproduce spontaneously in other places. They are globose cacti, solitary, covered with whitish bloom when the plant is small, which then as the plant grows tends to lengthen, forming tufts and losing that bloom, taking on much more vivid colors instead. They have numerous ribs and tubercle-like protrusions, equipped with dense spines - all the characteristics that the plant has developed to adapt to the desert conditions (considered the driest in the world) from which it comes! The Copiapoa has a slow growth and needs more care than other cacti, however it will reward you with very lively and decorative inflorescences that pop up from the thick down of the apex. With a little care, it will be able to give your rooms a wild character and a touch of incredible exoticism!