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About us: our story

Giromagi Cactus and Succulents

People often ask me what does Giromagi mean.
The first thing you need to know is that my initials next to those of my brothers – Gianni, Romano, Marcello and Giulio, – create the word ‘Giromagi’, they set the first step to the long journey I’m going to narrate.

This adventure started on 1966 in Tuscany, just a few kilometers far from the Trasimeno Lake, where my father, Patrizio, owned a few square meters greenhouse. He has always been a loving father and closely attached to his family - it was actually his idea to name the company Giromagi. Once he retired, after a life as a railwayman, he asked me what did I think about investing in the cacti and succulents business. At that time I was a young agronomy student and I started wondering about all the possibilities this new and unexplored world could bring, so I answered ‘Let’s try!’, also engaging my younger brothers.
At first, the idea seemed rather unusual, not so much to me as to the bank director to whom we asked for a loan to start our business. He then, amiably, accepted to grant us a small one.

This is how our journey began. During our first years we explored all Italy, from the smallest villages to the biggest cities, looking for flower shops and garden centers that could’ve been interested in our plants. It was a journey made of handshakes and meetings with new people, who over time, would become not only loyal customers, but also good friends.


Our success is based on varieties; for more than 20 years we’ve been constantly putting the maximum effort into finding and selecting rare varieties to later reproduce them in elevated quantities. This is to offer an unmatched range of products. Nowadays, numbers speak for themselves, Giromagi has an actual production area of 50,000 sqm and placing on the international market more than 10 million plants every year. We can describe ourselves as a company that is constantly growing, working worldwide.


Romano Pipparelli in Tokyo

Over the years, Giromagi has put together a team of professionals, able to understand and manage our customers’ needs and requirements, even in the most complex markets; as Canada, United States of America, Russia, China and Japan; due to their demanding legislations and restrictions.

Since our customers are located worldwide, we’ve trained our team to find the best tailor-made solutions for each one of them, providing the adequate certifications.


Needless to say that our path is far from over, and I’m sure we will have to face difficulties as stimulating challenges. We are in a continuous research for sustainability: through an ecological packaging, the recycling of all the production’s components and an environmentally friendly process.
We’ve come to be faster and more accurate regarding the shipment of our orders, thanks to high-performing logistics, space optimization and an annual planning in accordance with our clients.


The future which lies before us will require a great effort to keep on anticipating trends and marketing methods. However, we are always ready to keep on moving forward, continuing to take the lead, tracing a path and building the market.