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How plants arrive at your home


Our main goal is to get your plants healthy and undamaged to your house, prepared to decorate your home, office or decorate your garden. This is the reason why we put effort and meticulousness on a daily basis to ensure that the packaging of your orders is perfect and adapted to each type of plant shipped, tailor-made to comfortably accommodate the most varied plants by type and size.

Giromagi Packaging


Each plant is left to drip from excess water, in order to avoid rot problems; then it is first packed individually and then carefully arranged in shockproof double-wave cardboard boxes, well resistant, safe and coated to keep the plants protected and able. to reach any part of the world, all this using only recyclable and non-polluting materials such as paper and cardboard.

An ecological choice

We strive every day to ensure that ours is an eco-friendly company, which is why we never use plastic or other materials that are harmful to us and our environment.

Giromagi Packaging
Giromagi Packaging

The focus of our attention is to make sure the plants are not damaged or injured while packaging and transporting, so that they arrive at your home exactly as if you just bought them in the store!