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Information on the processing of personal data

Privacy Policy

As data controller, Azienda Giromagi di Pipparelli M. & C. S.S.A., will provide its customers/suppliers with information about its use of their personal data, pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree. N. 196/03 and successive changes regarding the protection of personal data.

Please note that for the establishment and/or execution of any current contractual relationship with you, our firm is in possession of information relating to you, acquired verbally, directly, or through third parties, and designated as ‘personal data’ by decree n. 196/03.

The legislation in question stipulates that, first of all, whoever processes personal data must inform the person or entity to whom that data belongs about which data is being processed, and also provide certain indications about how it is being treated, which, in any event, must be handled correctly, lawfully and transparently, protecting your privacy and your rights.

Should the data treatment not be covered by the following information, the Data Controller will provide suitable and complete information, including verbal, to those affected by such treatment.

Thus, in accordance with art. 13 of Legislative Decree N. 196/03, we provide here the following information:

Type of data processed:
Your personal and fiscal data, as well as economic data that is necessary for executing contractual relationships with you or your organisation or for the management of stages prior to the signing of a contract. We are not in possession of any of your data deemed sensitive or of a judicial nature, in accordance with art. 4, paragraph 1 of Decree N. 196/03.

Purpose of treatment:
Your data will be treated in accordance with contractual requirements and to fulfil related legal and fiscal obligations, as well as to enable effective management of financial and commercial relations and/or respond to your specific requests in the pre-contractual phase.

The data will be processed for the entire duration of the contract, and also thereafter for the fulfilment of legal obligations and for administrative and commercial purposes.

If transactions carried out in the pre-contractual phase do not produce a favourable outcome, your data will be kept and stored for possible use for further contact and/or offers at a later date.

Method of data treatment:
Data treatment is carried out through the use of tools and procedures that guarantee security and confidentiality and may be executed either on paper or electronically.

Obligation and option to provide data and the consequences of refusal:
With regard to the data that we are obliged to know in order to fulfil our legal obligations, regulations or Community legislation, or to comply with provisions issued by the Authority and legitimised by law or by supervisory organs, your refusal to provide data will make it impossible to establish or continue our relationship since such data is required for this purpose.

With regard to data we are not obliged to know, any lack will be evaluated by us each time, and will determine resulting decisions regarding the importance to us of this data we request but you decide to withhold.

Communication and diffusion:
Your data will not be ‘disclosed’ by us. By ‘disclosed’ we mean sharing your data with indeterminate third parties in any way, either through its availability or consultation.

We may, however, ‘communicate’ your data; that is, we may share it with one or more specific entities as follows:
• with persons within our organisation who are appointed to process your personal data in the manner stipulated by law;
• with persons appointed to access data as provided for by law, regulations, or Community legislation, within the limits these norms prescribe;
• with individuals who need to access your data for purposes ancillary to the relationship between you and us, but only to the extent strictly necessary to perform the tasks assigned to them (for example, credit institutions);
• to our consultants, to the extent necessary for them to perform their duties within our organisation, and subject to our letter of assignment imposing on them the duty of confidentiality and security in the processing of your data.

Your rights:
The individual concerned has the right at any time to obtain confirmation of the existence of any personal data and to know its content and origin, verify its accuracy or request its completion, updating or correction (art. 7 Decree n. 196/03). Under this same article, the individual concerned has the right to request the cancellation of data, its transformation into an anonymous form, or the blocking of data processed in violation of the law, as well as to oppose its treatment in any instance for legitimate reasons. To exercise these rights, contact the Data Controller, available at the address given above.

Data Controller and person/s in charge of data processing:
The list of persons responsible can be consulted on request at our office.

The Data Controller of your personal data is Azienda Giromagi di Pipparelli M. & C. S.S.A. - Terontola (AR).

The Data Controller

Azienda Giromagi di Pipparelli M. & C. S.S.A.