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The history of an order

We come from four different continents and speak more than ten languages: our team is perfectly prepared to understand and manage every need and demand of our customers, even in extremely complex markets with their strict regulations and restrictions. Since our customers are present all over the world, our goal is to find an individual solution for each of them, providing all the appropriate certifications. We do our best every day to provide you with an accurate and non-stop service, working for you with the meximum professionalism and passion!

Giromagi Team
Giromagi Team

Buy what you see

Every day our guys update the catalog of the species present on our website.
They make pictures of each new plant that will be put up for online sale, photographing it from multiple perspectives to capture every single detail, in order to let you see what you choose in a global but at the same time exact way: as if you were choosing the plant yourself, but with the convenience of buying it directly from your couch!

Giromagi Team

The arrival of orders

Have you just chosen and ordered the plants you would like to receive?
Your order arrives to us immediately, which we promptly take care of, controlling accurately the selected plants and the country to send them to: our goal is to let you have what you want in the shortest possible time. We work hard with commitment and meticulousness, to make you happy with your purchase!

Giromagi Team

Preparation of orders

As soon as your order is elaborated, it is transferred straight away to our endless greenhouses, where with much care and love we select, among the thousands of species, and carefully collect the plants you have chosen, which we accurately control before shipping.
We work hard every day to ensure that our plants are healthy and grow in their optimal environmental conditions, paying attention to the different needs of the various types of cacti and succulents.

Giromagi Team

The next phase

Your order goes to the next stage: each plant is individually wrapped in soft paper by expert hands, which know how to prevent it from being damaged during shipping.
Even at this point we constantly look for quality, taking care of each plant, to allow you to receive every single piece fresh and perfectly preserved!

Giromagi Team

100% recyclable

The individually packed plants are ready to be placed delicately in our Giromagi branded boxes, which are extremely robust, thus can reach any part of the world! We care about our planet, which is why we package your products without using the substances harmful to the environment, but with only 100% recyclable materials.

Giromagi Team

Shipping orders

The packages have been meticulously prepared and sealed: every day we carefully book shippings with the best couriers, to make sure they deliver your order as quickly as possible.
The plants leave their ‘home’, in order to reach their destination and give a touch of liveliness and a spetacular view to your rooms!

Giromagi Team

Customer care

Thanks to the huge experience, commitment and attention with which our retail and wholesale management work for you every day, their primary goal is to guide each customer in their choices and to manage individual needs, putting their knowledge at your service to make you fully satisfied with your purchases.
They will be happy to help you, giving you a good piece of advice and providing you with valuable information on all the varieties which an enormous and varied Giromagi catalog includes!