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Monadenium (Succulents)

Monadenium aff. fanshawe Monadenium aff. fanshawe
Starting from 15.00€
Monadenium aff. nervosum Monadenium aff. nervosum
Starting from 18.00€
Monadenium aff. orbanchoides Monadenium aff. orbanchoides
Starting from 12.00€
Monadenium discoideum (Zambia) Monadenium discoideum (Zambia)
Starting from 35.00€
Monadenium ellenbeckii Monadenium ellenbeckii
Starting from 3.00€
Monadenium globosum Monadenium globosum
Starting from 35.00€
Monadenium gracile (Itigi, Tanzania) Monadenium gracile (Itigi, Tanzania)
Starting from 12.00€
Monadenium guentheri Monadenium guentheri
Starting from 3.00€
Monadenium ritchiei Monadenium ritchiei
Starting from 6.00€
Monadenium sp. long pedicel Monadenium sp. long pedicel
Starting from 12.00€
Monadenium stapelioides Monadenium stapelioides
Starting from 3.00€

This genus is often considered as a part of the Euphorbia genus, due to many common characteristics, including the milky and irritating sap, that can be seen in between its layers. This plant grows in various areas of Africa, all extremely arid, thus it has brilliantly adapted to different environments, generating very different species: some of them fall in wonderful green waterfalls, some are arboreal, similar to palm trees, others are instead tuberculate and bushy, ranging in height: from a few tens of centimeters to several meters. Almost all species have inflorescences of a particular horseshoe shape and the most varied colors. It is a very resistant succulent, of a bright green color that, when exposed to the direct sun, tends to take on extraordinary reddish shades, making each plant unique in its kind!