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Pilosocereus (Cactus)

Pilosocereus glaucochrous Pilosocereus glaucochrous
Starting from 66.50€
Pilosocereus odilensis Pilosocereus odilensis
Starting from 5.00€
Pilosocereus pachycladus Pilosocereus pachycladus
Starting from 112.00€
Pilosocereus palmeri f. crestata Pilosocereus palmeri f. crestata
Starting from 38.00€

Its name derives from Latin and literally means "hairy candle", making reference to its two main characteristics: on one hand, it has the typical candlestick shape of the genus Cereus, with a columnar habit, branched with growth, with deep and marked ribs and sturdy spines; on the other hand, it differs strongly from this genus, due to the thick whitish hair, that covers the entire stem and, when mature, forms a graceful cephalium at the apex. From this down, in summer, showy nocturnal flowers bloom, that will decorate even more this imposing typically glaucous cactus, bringing both a touch of solemnity and elegance to your house.