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Pilosocereus glaucescens (Cactus)

Beautiful columnar cactaceae, which in the native places grows up to more than 6 meters in height ramifying abundantly, as a sort of gigantic shrub. In cultivation reaches a maximum of 2 meters and ramifies with less ease, maintaining its erect and solemn course. It is equipped with deep longitudinal ribs, along which protrude whitish and roundish areoles, covered with abundant down that creates almost a continuous line between one areola and the other. The spines are very thin and straight, of a tenuous yellow which pleasantly matches with the glaucous bluish colour of the epidermis (hence the name of the species). Unfortunately it is very rare that in cultivation this cactus shows its gigantic white flowers, however the charm of its majesty and its solemn appearance will be able to compensate you!