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Its name derives from Greek and literally means "wax fountain", referring to the very particular flowers, which develop into umbrella shape, are very fleshy and have a waxy appearance. It has a climbing or creeping habit, due to the extremely slender stems, from which oval-shaped succulent leaves branch off. Depending on the species, it may have peculiar heart-shaped leaves (which makes them take the commonly known name of "chain of hearts"), that are of a typical light green color but often are also spotted or streaked in the most varied shades. Due to its thin and intertwined stems, it is the typical plant used in the territories of its origin as an auspicious necklace for young brides. It does not have a very simple cultivation, as often it is a subject to rotting, however it is a really interesting and good-looking succulent that, with a bit of attention will be able to embellish your interior, giving your home a unique and extremely scenic look!