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Ceropegia armandii

It is a succulent with a very particular appearance, highly sought after by green collectors from all over the world. It produces an underground tuber, from which a stem up to 30 cm long grows, it is often branched at the base, has 4 angles, it is of a greyish-green color mottled with bronze. On the stem you can see so-called tubercles - the bases of the leaves, which are ovate, up to 1 cm long, of a dark green color, covered with short whitish hairs. In autumn, it produces a long peduncle on the top of the main stem, on which its particular flower blooms: it has a diamond-shaped corolla and 5 greenish lobes that enclose in a kind of small cage. This plant is relatively easy to grow, ideal for adorning your windowsills or gardens.