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Agave 'Shaka Zulu' Shop Now Agave 'Shaka Zulu'
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Agave albopilosa Shop Now Agave albopilosa
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Agave americana Shop Now Agave americana
Starting from 16.00€
Agave attenuata Shop Now Agave attenuata
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Agave bovicornuta Shop Now Agave bovicornuta
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Agave cerulata Shop Now Agave cerulata
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Agave chiapensis Shop Now Agave chiapensis
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Agave colorata Shop Now Agave colorata
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Agave desmetiana Shop Now Agave desmetiana
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Agave difformis Shop Now Agave difformis
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Agave durangensis Shop Now Agave durangensis
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Agave ferdinandi-regis Shop Now Agave ferdinandi-regis
Starting from 12.00€
Agave ferox Shop Now Agave ferox
Starting from 26.60€
Agave filifera Shop Now Agave filifera
Starting from 2.80€
Agave filifera f. crested Shop Now Agave filifera f. crested
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Agave funkiana Shop Now Agave funkiana
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Agave geminiflora Shop Now Agave geminiflora
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Agave gentryi Shop Now Agave gentryi
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Agave ghiesbreghtii Shop Now Agave ghiesbreghtii
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Agave guiengola Shop Now Agave guiengola
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Agave horrida Shop Now Agave horrida
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Agave impressa Shop Now Agave impressa
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Agave isthmensis Shop Now Agave isthmensis
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Agave macroacantha Shop Now Agave macroacantha
Starting from 19.60€
Agave marmorata Shop Now Agave marmorata
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Agave mitis cv.  Multicolor Shop Now Agave mitis cv. Multicolor
Starting from 18.00€
Agave nigra Shop Now Agave nigra
Starting from 6.40€
Agave parrasana Shop Now Agave parrasana
Starting from 27.20€
Agave parryi Shop Now Agave parryi
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Agave parryi f. variegated Shop Now Agave parryi f. variegated
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Agave pixie Shop Now Agave pixie
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Agave potatorum Shop Now Agave potatorum
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Agave pumila Shop Now Agave pumila
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Agave pygmaea Shop Now Agave pygmaea
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Agave pygmaea f. variegated Shop Now Agave pygmaea f. variegated
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Agave scabra Shop Now Agave scabra
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Agave schidigera Shop Now Agave schidigera
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Agave seemanniana Shop Now Agave seemanniana
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Agave sp. Shop Now Agave sp.
Starting from 3.00€
Agave striata Shop Now Agave striata
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Agave stricta f. nana Shop Now Agave stricta f. nana
Starting from 1.60€
Agave tequilana Shop Now Agave tequilana
Starting from 8.00€
Agave titanota Shop Now Agave titanota
Starting from 15.00€
Agave toumeyana var. bella Shop Now Agave toumeyana var. bella
Starting from 11.20€
Agave triangularis Shop Now Agave triangularis
Starting from 14.40€
Agave utahensis Shop Now Agave utahensis
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Agave victoriae shaka koko Shop Now Agave victoriae shaka koko
Starting from 18.00€
Agave victoriae-reginae Shop Now Agave victoriae-reginae
Starting from 6.40€
Agave x arizonica Shop Now Agave x arizonica
Starting from 24.00€
Agave x leopoldii variegated Shop Now Agave x leopoldii variegated
Starting from 77.50€
Agave x peacockii Shop Now Agave x peacockii
Starting from 7.20€
Agave xylonacantha Shop Now Agave xylonacantha
Starting from 22.50€

The name of the genus Agave comes from the Greek word "agauos" which means "wonderful" because of its incredible beauty. Agave is a perennial succulent species with leaves of different shades of green, fleshy and triangular arranged in a rosette, which can reach large sizes. At the end of the leaves, usually, you can notice needle-like spines, long and rigid. Its magnificent flowering is an unforgettable spectacle: on long stems are formed numerous flowers of intense colors (yellow, orange, red). Beauty is not the only characteristic of the Agave, it can also be used to produce a natural sweetener, alcoholic beverages such as tequila, poulque and mezcal, and to make ropes and clothes. It is an ideal succulent plant to give as a sign of a long and sincere friendship.