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Rebutia (Cactus)

Rebutia albiareolata Rebutia albiareolata
Starting from 3.00€
Rebutia aureispina Rebutia aureispina
Starting from 4.80€
Rebutia fabrisii Rebutia fabrisii
Starting from 2.40€
Rebutia fulviseta Rebutia fulviseta
Starting from 2.00€
Rebutia heliosa Rebutia heliosa
Starting from 4.00€
Rebutia heliosa subs. teresae Rebutia heliosa subs. teresae
Starting from 3.00€
Rebutia kieslingii Rebutia kieslingii
Starting from 1.80€
Rebutia krainziana Rebutia krainziana
Starting from 2.40€
Rebutia pulvinosa Rebutia pulvinosa
Starting from 3.00€
Rebutia steinbachii f. variegated Rebutia steinbachii f. variegated
Starting from 24.00€
Rebutia steinmannii var. costata Rebutia steinmannii var. costata
Starting from 1.80€
Rebutia tarvitaensis Rebutia tarvitaensis
Starting from 2.80€
Rebutia tarvitaensis f. variegated Rebutia tarvitaensis f. variegated
Starting from 24.00€
Rebutia wessneriana Rebutia wessneriana
Starting from 2.10€

This small cactus owes its name to the well-known French botanist P. Rebut. It is particularly appreciated for the small tubercles, that tend to cluster, forming large expanses, similar to cushions, of the most varied colors. Rebutia is highly sought after by cactus lovers also for its easy cultivation, although its strong point are undoubtedly the inflorescences: in spring, it blooms with graceful flowers, that surround the whole body of the plant, enriching it with lively and particular colors, which, according to the experts of the floral language, identify the tenacity and strength to overcome adversity.