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Frailea (Cactus)

Frailea carminifilamentosa Frailea carminifilamentosa
Starting from 3.00€
Frailea castanea Frailea castanea
Starting from 9.00€
Frailea lepida Frailea lepida
Starting from 6.00€
Frailea mammifera Frailea mammifera
Starting from 3.00€
Frailea mammifera f. crested Frailea mammifera f. crested
Starting from 10.00€
Frailea perbella Frailea perbella
Starting from 12.00€
Frailea perumbilicata Frailea perumbilicata
Starting from 3.00€
Frailea pumila f. rubrispina Frailea pumila f. rubrispina
Starting from 3.00€
Frailea pumila subs. aquatica Frailea pumila subs. aquatica
Starting from 4.00€
Frailea pygmaea subs. aureispina Frailea pygmaea subs. aureispina
Starting from 4.00€
Frailea uhligiana Frailea uhligiana
Starting from 4.00€

Its name was chosen in honor of the botanist Mauel Fraile, who first discovered it. These small plants are of a round shape, do not exceed 3 centimeters in diameter, but the seedlings usually tend to grow next to each other, forming small clusters. It is of dark green or brownish colors, which allow it to blend in with the rocks, among which it grows spontaneously in its natural habitat. Its small but very decorative yellow or brown spines stand out along the short stems. These graceful cacti have a very particular floral characteristic: its large yellow inflorescences are able to pollinate, even if the flower usually opens up just for an hour, while it remains closed for the rest of the time. Here we talk about a very particular cleistogamous plant!