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The name chosen by the French botanist Adanson. It is an indoor plant, which, with its fleshy, shiny and rich in water leaves, can perfectly live in the dry climates of the apartments, embellishing your environments, thanks to its foliage with margins, often shaped or crested, with nuanced and particular tones, but also thanks to the lively, surprisingly long-lasting inflorescences, which will color your houses in winter periods. Coming from vast geographical areas, the many species have extremely varied characteristics, ranging from very small plants, almost miniaturized, to succulents, that can reach six meters in height! This succulent plant, as beautiful as useful, has a truly multifunctional character: it is used daily in African and Asian popular medicine as an ointment to heal wounds and burns, but also to treat ulcers, infections, hypertension and even to alleviate mental illnesses. In our continent, on the other hand, it is widely used in the preparation of creams and cosmetics, that tone up the skin! Moreover, Kalanchoe has also a beautiful symbolic aspect: anciently defined as "talisman of happiness", it is considered a sort of amulet, that takes away negative thoughts and attracts positivity, making it perfect as a gift of good omen for any occasion; there is nothing more beautiful to give the symbol of smile as a present, even to those, who do not have a green thumb, since this plant, as much decorative as versatile, does not need a lot of care!