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The name of the genus "Adromischus" comes from the Greek words "hadrós" - "abundant" and "míschos" - "stem/stalk", in fact Adromischus are characterized by thick stems of small fleshy leaves. They are succulent ground cover plants, generally small in size, native to the desert areas of South Africa and Namibia. In their natural habitat they grow on rocky soils, where they perfectly camouflage with the surrounding environment thanks to their combination of colors and speckles, which assume different shades of green, red and gray, more or less intense, according to the sun exposure. Adromischus use their leaves and tuberous roots to store water and survive during drought periods. From spring to summer you can admire its abundant inflorescences of smal pretty flowers, which range in color from white to pink, blooming on long, slender stems. Adromischus plants are appreciated for their decorative appearance due to the multitude of colors that may liven up your indoor environments and sunny windowsills. In the Asian continent, they are highly sought after for their compact shape and the intriguing appearance of its leaves.