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Hoya 'Rosita' Shop Now Hoya 'Rosita'
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Hoya australis Shop Now Hoya australis
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Hoya australis f. variegated Shop Now Hoya australis f. variegated
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Hoya burtoniae f.variegated Shop Now Hoya burtoniae f.variegated
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Hoya carnosa Shop Now Hoya carnosa
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Hoya carnosa f. variegated Shop Now Hoya carnosa f. variegated
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Hoya cinnamomifolia Shop Now Hoya cinnamomifolia
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Hoya Curtisii Shop Now Hoya Curtisii
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Hoya cv. Mathilde Shop Now Hoya cv. Mathilde
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Hoya globulosa Shop Now Hoya globulosa
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Hoya heuschkeliana Shop Now Hoya heuschkeliana
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Hoya incrassata Shop Now Hoya incrassata
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Hoya kentiana Shop Now Hoya kentiana
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Hoya kerrii Shop Now Hoya kerrii
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Hoya kerrii f. variegata Shop Now Hoya kerrii f. variegata
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Hoya krohniana Shop Now Hoya krohniana
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Hoya lacunosa Shop Now Hoya lacunosa
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Hoya lanceolata subs. bella Shop Now Hoya lanceolata subs. bella
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Hoya laxiflora Shop Now Hoya laxiflora
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Hoya linearis Shop Now Hoya linearis
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Hoya lobbii cv. Pink Flower Shop Now Hoya lobbii cv. Pink Flower
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Hoya loheri Shop Now Hoya loheri
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Hoya longifolia Shop Now Hoya longifolia
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Hoya macrophylla Shop Now Hoya macrophylla
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Hoya meliflua Shop Now Hoya meliflua
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Hoya memoria Shop Now Hoya memoria
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Hoya parasitica Shop Now Hoya parasitica
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Hoya pauciflora Shop Now Hoya pauciflora
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Hoya paziae Shop Now Hoya paziae
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Hoya pubicalyx Shop Now Hoya pubicalyx
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Hoya rigida Shop Now Hoya rigida
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Hoya sp. Shop Now Hoya sp.
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Hoya sunrise Shop Now Hoya sunrise
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Hoya wayetii Shop Now Hoya wayetii
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Its name was chosen by the botanist Brown in honor of his friend Thomas Hoy. It has lianose and sometimes climbing stems, which reach considerable lengths, tending in nature to "cling" to the foliage of trees, by which they get protected. The real peculiarity of this succulent is represented by its inflorescences, which come out among the bright lanceolate leaves: they are "waxy flowers" (this is how these plants are commonly defined), so called because of their waxy coating, which makes them shiny and so appreciated, but which actually in nature has the important function of protecting them from frequent rains and burning sun rays, allowing them to keep blooming during the whole summer season. Some flowers are single, but most of them are grouped in an umbrella shape, creating some sort of a sphere, which is so shiny and fleshy, that might seem kind of fake. However, they all have the intense scent, they give off, making these plants perfect not only to decorate your interiors with their unique look, but also to cheer you up with the sweet smells it will spread in your rooms. Don't miss the chance to bring a little touch of exoticism, that symbolizes perfection and sculptural beauty, into your home!