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Echeveria (Variegated)

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Its name was chosen in honor of Atanasio Echeverria - a Mexican botanist and painter, who collaborated in discovering this genus and was the first to paint it. It grows spontaneously in areas, characterized by strong temperature variations between day and night, which is why they are very robust and resistant plants. They are easily recognizable by the rosette arrangement of its foliage, which makes them extremely ornamental in their compact form, similar to floral compositions, also thanks to their various colors, ranging from greyish-green to light green, from pink to red, up to very dark colors. Its fleshy leaves have a typical elongated, oval or triangular shape, sometimes with a frayed or wavy edge; some species have hair along the foliage, which performs the important task of trapping the humidity in the air to water itself. In addition to being extremely decorative and robust, they are also very long-lived succulents: as they grow, they develop a stem that tends to lignify to give more support to the plant. They are very popular for their beauty, but also for the extreme simplicity of cultivation, which allows them, depending on the species, to act as a decorating piece for interiors, or as an embellishment of rock gardens (although more frequently it is preferred to cultivate them in a pot). With its regular and exactly geometrical shapes it expresses the meaning of perfect strength and is also widely used as a "lucky plant". Echeveria is highly sought after by lovers of order and minimalism. Not many know that Echeveria even has positive effects for our health: recent studies have shown how these graceful succulents can fight electrosmog, therefore it is strongly recommended to place them close to your TV, microwave ovens, computers or any other electrodomestic!

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