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Aeonium (Variegated)

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The name of the genus "Aeonium" comes from the ancient Greek word "aiònios" which means "immortal", as this beautiful plant is very resistant to drought thanks to its fleshy leaves. It is a succulent plant generally characterized by long bare stems, at the apex of which beautiful rosettes of many colors are generated: various shades of yellow, green, pink and purple red which, with the prolonged exposure to intense light, become more evident. Generally in late spring we can admire its beautiful white, yellow or pink inflorescences on large pyramidal stems above the rosettes. These plants, easy to cultivate, are very versatile in the decorative field, as they have excellent ornamental characteristics both on thei own and together with many different varieties, thanks to their symmetrical shapes and the various colors that distinguish them. They are perfect both for enhancing your interior spaces with designer pots and for your rock gardens, but thanks to their beauty they are also perfect for creating exclusive bouquets.