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Aeonim Cv. Kilimangiaro f. variegated (Variegated)

Succulent not present in nature, but obtained in the nursery from the crossing between two different specimens of Aeonium that give life to a new plant extremely rare and with a remarkable visual impact. Aeonium Kilimanjaro is arranged in the typical rosette with a flat surface, which develops at the apex of robust branched woody stems showing graceful leaves tending to widen at the apex and then ending in a modest tip. The epidermis of A. Kilimanjaro assumes amazing shades that from the light green of the young leaves fades towards a showy purple, almost black, when the exemplar is exposed to abundant sunlight. The variegated shape of the succulent presents the typical lighter areas in the exact points where the chlorophyll is absent: these characteristics will never be the same from one plant to another, therefore each specimen will be absolutely unique! Overall, this plant will certainly not go unnoticed!