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Aeonium 'Marnier Lapostolle' f. variegated (Variegated)

Really particular succulent not present in nature, but arrived in the south of France, in the great botanical estate of the Marnier family (hence the name). The parents from which the wonderful hybrid originated are still unknown, even if some common characteristics would suggest Aeonium glutinosum. As typical of the genus, this plant is arranged in a pretty open rosette formed by flat leaves and tending to widen and then finish in a slight tip. The epidermis, covered by a slight down, is of a nice light green shaded of bright red towards the margins and enriched by a characteristic red-purple longitudinal line at the center of the leaf, not perfectly sharp but almost like a sort of brushstroke. The colors are extremely variable and tend even more towards purple-red when the plant is abundantly exposed to sunlight. In addition to this amazing chromatic mix, the variegated shape of the succulent presents the typical paler areas in the exact points where the chlorophyll is absent: these characteristics will never be the same from one plant to another, therefore each specimen will be absolutely unique! To complete this wonderful picture, slight white ciliated margins give the leaves a greater three-dimensionality and make them stand out further, for an overall effect absolutely unique!