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Aeonium 'Peacock' f. variegata (Variegated)

Definitely an original succulent, made up of a multitude of shades that makes it truly incomparable. Arranged with a wide and well opened rosette, it is flat on the upper side. As many other species of Aeonium, it is formed by narrow and strongly elongated leaves pointed at the apex. The epidermis is pleasantly shiny and painted on light green tones surrounded thick by yellow-whitish edges in the younger central leaves, which then grow tending to take on purple-burgundy notes tending to pink on the outside. These are unique patterns that make this specimen easily recognisable and beloved by collectors. That’s not all: Aenoium ‘Peacock’ is a succulent of constant change, since its shades will appear much or less accentuated based on the season and the sun exposure, creating an effect that will leave you speechless every single day!