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Chamaecereus (Cactus)

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The name of this plant comes from Greek and literally means "dwarf candle", in reference to the size of this cactus which, although developing in an elongated shape, never exceeds 10 centimeters in height. It has small light green stems divided into ribs of medium depth and whitish, short strong spines. As it grows, it tends to cluster, developing horizontally. For its very small bodies it is often commonly known as "peanut cactus". These plants are very appreciated both for their easy cultivation and for their abundant blooms: with very little attention, Chamaecereus will adorn your homes with large bright flowers with funnel-shaped calix and long, coloured petals that will continue to bloom for several months! Here are some tips for an appropriate care and cultivation: Chamacereus need plenty of light and possibly to be putted in an aired environment, especially during the Winter. Chamaecereus really love high temperatures. In Winter they can bear a minimum temperature of 2ºC, but only if you make sure that the soil is well dry. You also have to pay attention to its water supply: these cactus require very little water. Water once every 5 or 6 days and wait until the soil dries completely up before a new watering. We recommend as an ideal soil a standard cactus mix. This type of plants do not need frequent fertilization, diluting fertilizer with watering once a year during the period that goes from spring to summer will be enough.