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Turbinicarpus gracilis Turbinicarpus gracilis
Starting from 8.40€
Turbinicarpus klinkerianus Turbinicarpus klinkerianus
Starting from 3.50€
Turbinicarpus krainzianus Turbinicarpus krainzianus
Starting from 5.60€
Turbinicarpus macrochele Turbinicarpus macrochele
Starting from 2.80€
Turbinicarpus pseudomacrochele Turbinicarpus pseudomacrochele
Starting from 7.00€
Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus
Starting from 8.40€
Turbinicarpus sp. Turbinicarpus sp.
Starting from 4.20€
Turbinicarpus swobodae Turbinicarpus swobodae
Starting from 12.60€
Turbinicarpus valdezianus Turbinicarpus valdezianus
Starting from 16.00€

These are small rare cacti, which grow very slowly and come from high mountain areas, as evidenced by the robust and coarse spines that protect them. In nature they grow spontaneously in the crevices of the rocks, thanks to the long and dense roots and its extreme adaptability to environments and climates. It is mainly distinguished and appreciated for its flowering tops, consisting of large funnel-shaped flowers of soft colors, which make it very elegant: a delightful jewel that will not go unnoticed!