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Pleiospilos compactus subs. canus Pleiospilos compactus subs. canus
Starting from 3.20€
Pleiospilos nelii Pleiospilos nelii
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Pleiospilos simulans (Kendrew) Pleiospilos simulans (Kendrew)
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The name of this dwarf succulent derives from Greek and means "many spots", indicating its main characteristic: the two small greyish-green leaves, strongly fleshy and arranged in pairs, have dense darker dots, making this plant unique and easily recognizable. Due to their shape and color, they are reminiscent of real granite stones, as long as they blend into the ground and are commonly called "living stones". During the flowering period, however, their stony appearance is enlivened and transformed by large flowers with thin multilayered petals, which almost hide the entire plant!