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The name of the genus comes from the Greek and literally means "acidulous", with reference to the taste of its foliage due to the presence of abundant oxalic acid in the foliar sap. It is a genus that includes countless varieties (there are about 800!), sometimes even very different from each other: some boast a shrubby posture, many are herbaceous in nature, sometimes even without stem, but there are also species of bulbous nature, all have in common a rather small size, often perfect to be used as upholsterers. Understanding so many different species, a method of subdivision has been chosen by common agreement in consideration of their main characteristic: a group is therefore constituted by Oxalis with leaves composed of three leaflets (most of them); the other includes the specimens that have more. The presence of palmate leaves, flat and made up of almost heart-shaped structures that gather to give life to a single leaf, is in fact one of the most appreciated peculiarities of Oxalis. In the middle of the soft bush with various shades of green, sometimes shaded of purple, in late spring graceful single flowers bloom , on the notes of fuchsia, yellow and red, brightening your locations with a lively touch of simplicity. The inflorescences usually bloom during the day when they are widely lit, then close at night or during rainy days! For many years also considered medicinal plants, they are not actually succulent by the healing power, but the taste of their leaves will undoubtedly leave you speechless!

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