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Dinteranthus vanzylii

Its a succulent plant that is undoubtedly considered very interesting due to its resemblance to a rock, which is why, as well as the genus Lithops, it is commonly known as "living stone". The main difference with Lithops is that, unlike them, this species does not have a real dormancy period. Dinteranthus vanzylii consists of a single pair of compact leaves, 2 or 3 cm high, extremely fleshy that take the shape of an inverted cone. The surface is flat, of a typical chalky white color with brownish three-dimensional spots and streaks. The two leaves are separated from each other only by a thin slit, from which large solitary flowers of a beautiful bright yellow will blossom. A peculiarity: each species of these "living stones" is found in the wild exclusively near certain specific types of rocks with which they blend perfectly and, thanks to this stratagem, they try to hide and camouflage themselves so as not to be eaten by animals.