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Dinteranthus inexpectatus Dinteranthus inexpectatus
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Its name was chosen in honor of Professor K. Dinter, to which the suffix was added, that in Greek means “flower”. These are small succulents of a stone-like appearance - a peculiarity that commonly makes them known as "living stones": this characteristic is actually a defense that the Dinteranthus has adopted to blend in among the pebbles of the quartz soils, on which it spontaneously grows, thus avoid to be eaten by animals. It has small spheroid bodies, consisting of a single pair of fleshy leaves, that contain a lot of water to resist long periods of drought. In the gap between the leaves a single, very lively and showy yellow flower blooms, which pleasantly contrasts with the cold color (similar to marble) of the plant. After the autumn flowering, the leaves dry out to make space for the new foliage that is generated. They are very particular succulents, which are highly sought after for their extremely unusual and ornamental shape!