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Melocactus matanzanus f. monstrous (Cactus)

The monstrous shape of this succulent presents geometric anomalies, for example, sometimes asymmetrical protuberances or absence of thorns, different for each individual exemplar, so much to make each of them absolutely unique and for this extremely sought after by collectors. The name of this plant comes from its place of origin (province of Matanzas, in the northern part of Cuba). It is perhaps the most known and cultivated Melocactus, consisting of a globular body depressed at the apex, deeply furrowed ribs, little evident areoles and robust spines, slightly curved towards the plant. It has a characteristic light green color and brown-greyish thorns, not very dark. Once the mature age is reached, when the cactus stops growing, at the apex of the plant develops a spherical whitish cephalium formed by bristles on the shades of red, from which bloom small flowers with thin petals of pink or carmine red color, which often do not emerge completely from the cephalium itself. This Melocactus is particularly appreciated for its characteristic flashy cephalus, which has also given it the name with which it is commonly known as "Turkish cap".