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Eulychnia (Cactus)

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Its name comes from Greek and literally means "good candelabra'', referring to the shape, that the stem takes on, as it grows. These are relatively large plants, which in nature, in the coastal deserts, from which they come, reach up to 7 meters in height! They are columnar cactaceae, with showy areoles; some species have long tufts of a white down, from which long, straight spines emerge. It is particularly appreciated for their large inflorescences, covered on the outside by hairs or spines, which look like compact and lively water lilies. However, the species cultivated in nurseries are even more beautiful: with the typical strongly spiraled shape, sometimes with crests with an almost sculptural effect, they are highly sought after by expert collectors, because of their rarity and unique appearance, in which it is difficult to find a specimen equal to another one. Eulychnia is often considered difficult to cultivate: growing spontaneously in desert areas, where it doesn't rain, but there is constant strong aerial humidity, in order to grow well, these plants need exactly the same environment, therefore it is necessary to have the foresight to nebulize them. If you follow this simple precaution, Eulychnia will definitely reward you, giving your environments a unique and extremely extraordinary charm!