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Ariocarpus (Cactus)

Ariocarpus agavoides Ariocarpus agavoides
Starting from 25.00€
Ariocarpus bravoanus Ariocarpus bravoanus
Starting from 24.00€
Ariocarpus confusus Ariocarpus confusus
Starting from 27.00€
Ariocarpus fissuratus Ariocarpus fissuratus
Starting from 9.80€
Ariocarpus furfuraceus Ariocarpus furfuraceus
Starting from 170.00€
Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus
Starting from 18.00€
Ariocarpus retusus Ariocarpus retusus
Starting from 21.60€
Ariocarpus scapharostrus Ariocarpus scapharostrus
Starting from 24.00€
Ariocarpus scaphirostris Ariocarpus scaphirostris
Starting from 53.00€

The name comes from the Greek word "aria" meaning "rowan tree", and "karpos" meaning "fruit", referring to the fact that these plants have fruit similar to those of rowan trees. In nature they grow in semi-arid areas. They are slow-growing, spines-free, rock-like plants, characterized by rosette-like stems, surrounded by fleshy, grayish-brown tubercles. The flowers are arranged in a corolla, amd bloom on the top or in the center of the plant. This is a rare endangered species that is highly desired by green collectors.