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Cactus of compact dimensions, it does not grow past 20 cm but is particularly appreciated for its wide variety in colors and types of spines. It is often assimilated to the Rebutia and Browningia genera, mostly for the characteristics related to the thorns growth, however to the current days it still represent its own genre, characterized by small globose or slightly conical and solitary stems, adorned with tubercles arranged in a spiral. The abundant fluff that covers the areolas fits perfectly with the short and thin light spines that distinguish this cactus. The thick candid quills create an intense chromatic contrast with the lively yellow and red tinted flowers, which blooms abundantly at the apex of the plant. Weingartia is sensitive to humidity, therefore it is necessary to pay some extra attention so that water stagnation does not occur, watering it with moderation and just when the soil is completely dry: a draining soil should be helpful, rich in pumice or sand to make it more porous. It is even advisable to place it sheltered in winter, keeping it at mild temperatures in luminous spots, avoiding the direct sun rays. Differently to other cactaceae this genera results as a bit more delicate to cultivate, but it would be undoubtedly a small and nice challenge: if you will be able to take care of it, Weingartia will gift to your environments the extraordinary sensation of having a little piece of an exotic world in your house!