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Stapelia caespitosa

Very rare succulent, at times also considered part of the genus Duvalia. It has slender stems, which do not exceed the 10 cm of height but tend rather to prostrate on the ground and root rapidly. It also ramifies at the base creating ample mats of a nice pale green, opaque and slightly pinkish when exposed to the sun. Each body consists of four ribs with soft and distant teeth, which generate a deep symmetry. The real highlight of this category of stapelia is the flower: in some ways similar to that of the other species of Stapelia, but even more particular.The flowers bloom at the base of the stems during the summer period and are formed by a hemispherical and reddish central part, from which comes out a sort of tiny flower with 5 yellow-orange tips. S. caespitosa has also 5 filiform petals, glossy and three-dimensional, that create a kind of additional star: it seems impossible to observe so much variety of detail in such a small space!