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It is a decidedly innovative genus at the time of its discovery, as the name of the species suggests (from the Latin literally "new thing"). It contains a small number of species, all characterized by a small bulb, generally underground, from which only during the vegetative season initially emerges a long floral stem well straight characterized by a white-spikepink of small but pretty bell-shaped flowers, extremely showy and elegant. Only later will grow two large and flat leaves, at times almost roundish in shape and of a delicately waxy appearance, which will tend to develop in the opposite way by resting on the ground. One of the strengths of the whole genus, which makes it decidedly recognizable at first sight, is the colouration of the epidermis: of a pale and opaque green, at times almost reflected in silver, it is in fact tinged with a more dark perennial maculation, able to make each leaf extremely ornamental and absolutely out of the ordinary. Overall, the mix of foliar fantasy and floral elegance makes Resnova an absolutely innovative genre, impossible to miss or possess to enrich the largest collections!