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The Peniocereus genus includes about 18 species, which in nature are found in the desert areas of Mexico and the southwestern United States. They generally grow among shrubs and, due to their appearance apparently similar to dry branches, they blend in perfectly with the environment. In fact, the stems of the Peniocereus are erect and long, covered with brownish or blackish spines, of a color that can vary from dark green to brownish. The name comes from the Latin words "penis" - "tail" and "cereus" - "column". The underground tuberose root of this cactus is truly impressive - the weight can reach up to 30 kg! The Peniocereus is also known as "nocturnal flower cereus" or "queen of the night", referring to its remarkable perfumed inflorescences that bloom only for one night. The flowers are large, about 8 cm in diameter, ranging in color from white to pink or even red. After flowering, the plant produces oval fruits, which turn red, when ripe. A curioius fact: Peniocereus's root is used in traditional medicine to treat diabetes and other diseases. Despite its very simple and essential appearance, the Peniocereus is an extremely ornamental plant: if you know how to wait, it will surely leave you speechless!