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Pachycereus pringlei f. variegated

The Pachycereus pringlei, also commonly known as the "Mexican giant cactus", is a classic cactus plant, that can be found mainly in the Sonoran Desert in Mexico. Together with Carnegiea gigantea it is one of the tallest cacti in the world, which can reach an average height of 10-12 meters. At a young age it has a dull green body with wonderful yellow spots and streaks, which make each specimen unique and special. The stem has a characteristic cylindrical shape, furrowed by deep ribs, on each of which large white areoles are distributed longitudinally; numerous greyish, robust and straight spines sprout on them. Its inflorescences develop between March and April and reach a size of 8 centimeters, they are all white, funnel-shaped, sometimes drooping like a bell. If planted in the ground, this cactus reaches impressive dimensions, developing like a tree, with multiple ramifications at the base of the main stem, which, as it ages (it can live over 200 years!), takes on a grayish color and is wrapped in a sort of massive bark, in which the ribs can no longer be distinguished, making it resemble an elephant's foot (hence the common name of "elephant cactus"). Due to its considerable size, this cactacea often does not keep its branches in an upright posture, but seems rather unbalanced by its enormous weight (up to several tons).