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Pachycereus pringlei f. crested

The crested shape of this cactus is highly appreciated by green collectors all over the world, for its particular fan shape, covered with spines of different colors. In its classic form Pachycereus pringlei, also commonly known as the "Mexican giant cactus", is a cactaceae plant, found mainly in the Sonoran Desert, Mexico. Together with Carnegiea gigantea, it is one of the tallest cacti in the world, which can reach an average height of 10-12 meters. At a young age it has an opaque green body with a characteristic cylindrical shape, furrowed by deep ribs, on each of which large white areoles are distributed longitudinally, holding numerous grayish, robust and straight spines. Its inflorescences develop between March and April and reach a size of 8 centimeters, they are usually white, funnel-shaped, sometimes drooping like a bell.