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Opuntia humifusa

O. humifusa known as 'dwarf Prickly Pear', is a cactus of low posture and prostrated shape, but sometimes even erect, it is formed by thick discoids not very large. Its color is a nice bright green with darker shades. The spines may be absent and, if present, they are small and of brown or yellowish colour. During the winter period, the Opuntia humifusa, enters in a sort of hibernation: it begins to lose vigor flattening more and more on the ground, moreover, its cladodes assume a shriveled look and become reddish thanks to the presence of betalaine. This makes the plant very resistant to colder temperatures. O. humifusa is perfect for decorating the gardens in a lively way , just thinking that, in the period of June and July, beautiful flowers usually of a bright yellow color appear.