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Horridocactus is a small plant with a globular and solitary shape, which grow spontaneously in extremely arid environments, which is why they have adapted to the climate also with their appearance. From the tuberculous stem, usually dark and opaque in color, rather long and robust thorns branch off, usually gray or even black especially at the apex, which protect the plant in its native places and allow it to retain as much water as possible. It is a very rare cactus to which you must pay some extra attention, it blooms with difficulty, however it will give you great satisfaction. Here are some simple tips for its proper care and cultivation: These plants love full sun. Being very resistant, they adapt well in an outdoor environment as they withstand any bad weather, moreover it needs to be placed in well-ventilated environments. Horridocactus are very resistant to the most extreme temperatures: they live well in the heat and resist even better to temperatures cloze to freezing! It should be watered abundantly in February, that is when its vegetative restart begins, and then continue to wet the soil only after making sure that it is perfectly dry. In winter the plant goes into vegetative rest, therefore it is advisable to completely suspend the water supply. We recommend as an optimal soil one that is suitable for cactaceae, better if further enriched with sand or pumice. They do not need frequent fertilizations, it will be sufficient to dilute a specific cacti fertilizer with the waterings.