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As the name suggests, this magnificent exemplar is a peculiar hybrid obtained from the crossing between the genus Grusonia and the genus Leuchtenbergia. The obtained specimen shows characters in common to both parents, distorting them to give life to an absolutely unique plant, extremely rare and easily recognizable aspects. Precisely because of its rarity, Grusobergia is very appreciated by enthusiasts and by those who want to give a boost to their collections. It looks like an initially globose cactus, which grows in a slightly columnar shape showing an extremely refined opaque green epidermis. The massive body is adorned with very elongated cylindrical tubercles since they have suffered the influence of the long ramifications of Leuchtenbergia. At the apex of the latter come out large roundish and whitish areolas adorned with yellowish thorns that protrude in all directions up to 8-10 cm! These quills, characteristic heritage of Grusonia, are sometimes flattened and well robust, able to give Grusobergia a decidedly bulging and wild: it is ideal to bring to the environments a very original desert charm, enriching at the same time your collection with a jewel of unparalleled rarity!

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