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Gasteraloe 'Golly' Gasteraloe 'Golly'
Starting from 2.10€
Gasteraloe 'Magica' Gasteraloe 'Magica'
Starting from 2.40€
Gasteraloe cv. Royal Highness Gasteraloe cv. Royal Highness
Starting from 1.80€
Gasteraloe sp. Gasteraloe sp.
Starting from 12.00€
Gastrolea ( Gasteraloe ) ' Cool edge' Gastrolea ( Gasteraloe ) ' Cool edge'
Starting from 25.00€

Its name indicates the original plants from which it comes from, it is in fact a hybrid, therefore not present in nature, between the genus Gasteria and Aloe. From the latter it tends to keep the aspect of the elongated leaves with a triangular section, while from the Gasteria it usually develops the rosette disposition and, sometimes, the aspect of the epidermis provided with whitish spots or three-dimensional dots, which contrasts vividly with the bright green of its body (but, according to the species, it can also be brownish). These showy succulents have a rather slow growth, however they will decorate your rooms for very long periods of time, without requiring any kind of special care: the perfect plant to decorate your interiors with their unique combinations of colors and markings, which will certainly not go unnoticed!