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Euphorbia pachypodioides

Very beautiful succulent with a shrubby and columnar appearance, similar to that of the genus Pachypodium, which in nature reaches heights up to 70 cm. Its stem, which in the youngest exemplars is yellowish green, tends over time to lignify assuming greyish shades and on the surface of the epidermis presents the scars left by the fallen leaves. The latter have an oval shape of a beautiful glaucous green color in the upper part, while in the lower one they have a reddish hue. E. pachypodioides is a succulent plant also endowed with sparse and small spines of dark brown color, which grow at the base of the leaves. The flowers with purple-red hues of E. Pachypodioides in their natural habitat bloom at the end of the drought period, while the leaves present themselves with the arrival of rains.