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The name of this genus comes from the Greek and literally means "beautifully hairy", in reference to the down that wraps around the bracts of its extravagant and showy inflorescences. A small number of species belong to Eucomis, all united by the partially underground woody bulb that allows the succulent to store water and nutrients to be exploited in times of need. From the bulb depart long and ribbon-shaped leaves, which reach heights of more than 50 cm in mature age and give the environment a charm and an absolutely incomparable ornamental touch. One of the strengths of the whole genus is undoubtedly the inflorescence: its delicate yellow flowers, whitish or purple are arranged along a large panicle that blooms from the center of the foliage and is often used even among the cut flowers to adorn original bouquets. The shape of the inflorescence, as well as that of the bulb, has remarkable similarities with the pineapple plant, a characteristic that has earned it the common name of "pineapple flower". A curiosity: perhaps not many know that, in local and traditional medicine, the inside of the stem was used to obtain miraculous decoctions with remarkable anti-inflammatory and painkillers!