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Espostoa blossfeldiorum

Espostoa blossfeldiorum is a very elegant but at the same time very versatile cactus. Its vertical stem is bright green that can vary in intensity depending on the point, for example, at the top it tends to lighten. There are well marked and deep ribs; along these, thorns of short and medium length sprout whitish and brown in color going towards the top. The spines are very dense and cover the body of the plant as if to protect it from external agents. Younger plants, but also more mature ones, tend to have the growth of new thorns starting from the top, in fact they are brown, while the older ones become a silvery color. The older species can branch and grow some wool, very similar to hair, which will then fall along the stem. At night large white flowers bloom, these remain open only for the duration of the night. This plant cannot stand frost.