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Corynopuntia moelleri Corynopuntia moelleri
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Its name derives from Greek and literally means "Club Opuntia", to identify how this genus differs from the Opuntia, to which it was previously attributed, for its cylindrical shape which expands at the apex (which make it look like a club). It was called this way for the first time in the 1930s, however various conflicting ideas made it possible to officially recognize it as a genus on its own only in the early 2000s. Also called "perritos" in the areas of its origin, this plant develops in cushions which remain quite low, are made up of oval and elongated segments, without ribs but generally equipped with tubercles. From these tubercules they branch off robust spines that are quite dangerous; they are very long and, sometimes, with further denticles at the margins. They are very particular cacti, perfect for lovers of spines and contrasts, as long as they create a strong one when their lively spectacular flowers!