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Ceraria namaquensis Ceraria namaquensis
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Ceraria pygmaea Ceraria pygmaea
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Its name comes from Greek and literally means "little horn", referring to the forked branches, similar to a horn. They are very slow growing succulent shrubs, provided with few branches with bark, often papery and, depending on the species, a woody base, which allows the plant to store water (this global aspect gives it the common name of "elephant bush"). Its leaves are ovoid and very small to minimize evaporation and retain as much water as possible; they often fall off at the slightest touch, but soon they grow back. In summer, however, to reduce transpiration even more, the plant loses all its leaves and goes into vegetative rest - a necessary period - so that in the following season it can reinvigorate itself and embellish your environments with its unique and unmistakable appearance!