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Boswellia sacra

It is a shrub that in nature exceeds even 7 meters in height, and it grows like a real tree with a profoundly thick crown, which tends to assume an orderly hemispherical shape. In cultivation the dimensions are reduced and this is a characteristic that allows one to obtain one of the most loved bonsai thanks to well-branched woody trunk and for the crown of microscopic pinnate leaves of a beautiful dark green. Boswellia sacra is one of the most famous species of the genus: the name refers to its use to produce incense for religious rites (hence the common name of "Arab incense"). Perhaps not many know that the fame of this succulent derives above all from the essential oil extracted from it, used in folk medicine and also in traditional medicine to produce anesthetics and analgesics, as well as in aromatherapy as an aid against rheumatism, asthma and gastritis!