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Boswellia elongata

Commonly known also as "Socotran incense tree", it is in nature an imposing tree that can exceed 6-7 meters tall, characterized by its woody stem consisting of light bark easy to flake that branches abundantly. At the apex of the stem is generated a majestic crown of dark green pinnate leaves, which grow in opposite pairs along the branches. In the young plants, especially in cultivation, the woody stem remains extremely thin and bare for most of the year, showing only during the vegetative phase characteristic long and lanceolate leaves, pointed at the apex and gently wavy along the margins. The dark green foliage contrasts pleasantly with the soft color of the stems and with the elegant white floral panicles that bloom between the branches. This exemplar is particularly sought not only for its ornamental character due to the caudiciform aspect, but also for the resin that is obtained from the bark, widely used as fragrant incense!