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The genus Alluaudia is named after the French entomologist Charles Alluaud, who discovered it. It includes only six species. It grows in the most arid parts of Madagascar, among the thorny forests. It is a succulent and perennial species characterized by erect stems with thorns arranged around the leaves, which act as a defense against herbivores. The plants of the genus Allaudia are easy to cultivate, that's why they are suitable for those who approach the world of succulent plants for the first time. Ideal for decorating your apartments as they are not very resistant to cold temperatures to be put outside. Alluaudia is a easy-to-cultivate species. You can keep it indoor or outdoor, but you will anyway have to put it in a very bright and airy place. It does great in warm, dry areas: try to keep a medium temperature of 20-30°C, not going below 10°C (cold could damage your plant!). Water moderately only when the soil is completely dry. It is enough to water the plant once every two weeks in spring and summer, once every two months in autumn and completely suspend watering in winter. During winter, which is its dormancy season, do not water it. After it get used to its pot, in spring, prune it apically to make it branch out; moreover, these cuttings (about 10 cm long) could be easily used for propagation. A well draining soil is an optimal solution, for example formed by a mixture of peat and sand so that the water does not stagnate. The peculiar appearance of this plant makes it very interesting both when grown as an individual, and when cultivated in group.