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Aichryson is a genus of succulent plants originating in the Canary Islands very similar with the Aeonium. The name comes from the Greek: 'aei' which always means 'chrysos' which means gold. They are plants accustomed to a warm climate with high temperatures and for this reason they are not resistant to frost. During winter it is good to place them in sheltered places. They need plenty of light, but in the hottest hours of the day they are safer in the shade. Often they are cultivated as ornamental plants thanks to their very particular and picturesque appearance: some of the species form rosettes with fleshy green leaves, with a smooth surface or covered with a down. The Aichryson blooms throughout the year but mostly in late spring, when at the apex of the branches bloom small and beautiful yellow flowers similar to rosettes. They are generally very easy to grow plants that do not require abundant watering; the soil must be well draining and the fertilizer is added in the first phase of growth. Among the most known species of this genus are : A. bollei and A. laxum - both with small green leaves covered with a down that makes them even more graceful; A. pachycaulon; A. x aizoides with its green leaves and shaded white margins, as well as many other species from the rosette arrangement.