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The genus includes about 18 species, all of which are shrub or ground cover plants. The Abromeitiella is characterized by triangular, rigid and pointed leaves, tinted in a range of color from bright green to glaucous green, which close in wonderful rosettes. In spring, it produces small yellow-gold or red inflorescences. The Abromeitiella is very easy to grow, is extremely drought tolerant and does not require any special care. Thanks to its peculiar shapes, it is ideal for adorning rock gardens. For its cultivation it is sufficient to follow some small tips: it is a very resistant plant, but it prefers places and cannot bear humidity if combined with low temperatures, so it is good to avoid keeping it outside; although it can remain dry even at zero temperature. It loves semi-sunny or semi-shaded areas, avoiding direct rays during the hottest hours. It is advisable to water your Abromeitiella once a week in spring and summer, until watering is reduced to once two months. In winter it is good to stop watering Abromeitiella, in order to allow the plant to enter dormancy. Before each watering it is necessary to check that the soil is dry, and not to wet the leaves, which otherwise would be ruined. A well-draining and mineral-rich substrate is optimal, to which pumice can be added. Abromeitiella does not need frequent fertilizations, it will be sufficient to dilute the specific fertilizer for succulent plants with watering once a year.